Here's what the critics are saying:

"(Loving You is) A Prayer is my favorite song ever. It's like he wrote it and sang it just for me...Oh that's right, he did!" --Anne Marie Cardilino (Nick's wife)

"I don't care what anyone else says; Nicky writes the most beautiful songs and sings them like an angel." --Carolyn Cardilino (Nick's mom)

"He's such a hottie!" --Anne Marie Cardilino

"Whatever." --All three of Nick's kids

OK, OK, here's what people who aren't related to him are saying:

"There is a common misconception among listeners and many artists alike that independently produced albums have to be inferior in both production quality and
content. Well, Nick Cardilino is here to set the record straight. His new CD “More” is filled with wonderfully produced and well-written tunes. Songs like “No Room For Hate” are an absolute delight, with its layered harmonies and catchy chorus, while the sadness of “Listening To The Rain” shows the wonderful range that Nick is capable of. With both heartfelt and playful lyrics his songs are a testament to his abilities as a highly skilled craftsman. He manages to bring a little something different to the table with each song. He taps the roots of traditional country with the soulful “The Tears Come One At A Time”, blues-rock on the foot-stomping “Mini-van Man”, and my personal favorite, the Motown-inspired “God Is Always Home”. So if you’re a fan of thoughtful lyrics, infectious melodies, and quality presentation you’ll be especially pleased to add this new CD to your collection."

--David E. Blowers

"Nick Cardilino is all heart, and one listen to his CD shows it. Here is a sample:

I love you more than a flame loves to glow
More than a fairy tale loves a long time ago
This love is more than any genius can know
More, I love you more ...

Nick's voice is beautiful and has an incredible range. From nailing the high notes in his sweet ballad title track to soaring to the low richness in the many of the other songs, he never sounds unsure.

The lyrics of Cardilino's songs have a wide range and talk about everything from being yourself to driving a mini-van. Cardilino's songs are about real life, and those who have a family will surely relate to some of the subjects.

The songwriting can be characterized as heartfelt, and some carry an uplifting spiritual message, such as track 1, "Dancin' On The Water, which carries a Christian message. The song actually has a Tom Jones feel to it -- the kind of feel that makes you want to chuckle a little but you find yourself humming along to anyway and remembering later on with a smile."

--Catherine Tulley, Indie-Music.Com

"Wow! I love Nick's voice! 'The Tears Come One at a Time' sounds just like Vince Gill, who is, by the way, my favorite all time male vocalist " --DeAnn Sanders

"I really liked the first CD, but this second one is really excellent! My whole family has been listening to it all the time--in the house, in the car, on the computer..." --Tami Whalen

"You are the best-kept secret on SoundClick!" --Freda Tapp

"Absolutely love DANCING ON THE WATER. I've got you in my "favorites" so I'll be rotating by on a regular basis." --Ed Carriere

"I'm so impressed by the variety of songs on this CD!" --Dick Plunk

"Nick should be on American Idol. He'd win for sure!" --Pam Roberts

"Thanks, but I'm way too old!" --Nick Cardilino :-)