I Want to Know You

by Nick Cardilino and Elizabeth Miller

I spend Tuesdays serving soup at Mission Hope Café
Thursdays calling Bingo at Belmont Nursing Home
I am in the tenor section every Sunday
Singing 'bout how I'll never walk alone
Yet in the middle of my business for you, O Lord,
I feel an emptiness, a longing aching for more
I want to know you
I just want to know you
I want to know you
Just want to know you
Tuesday in the soupline Ray flashed me a toothless grin
"Son," he said, "don't look so sad and blue
Years in business taught me attitude can do you in
Keep this up, then next week, I just might be serving you"
Thursday, after bingo, Betty asked me what was wrong
"I don't know," I said. "I just feel hopeless and alone."
It finally hit me Sunday in the words of all those songs
You've been speaking through Ray and Betty all along
And You've been telling me

©1996 Nick Cardilino and Elizabeth Miller