No Room for Hate

Nick Cardilino


9/11, one year later

A news guy stuck a mic in her face, and tired to bait her

She lost her son when the towers fell

This ceremony opened deep wounds, you could tell

And when he asked her if she wished BinLaden dead

I knew I'd seen a saint on TV when she said, "I've got...


            No room for hate

No room in my heart for hate

I've got scars

I've got sadness

But if you don't make room for forgiveness

It'll eat you up inside

So in my heart and soul I've made (I'll make)

No room for hate


The cameraman took one step back

I saw a button of her son's face and a cross around her neck

Then like a movie inside my mind

Appeared the One who has forgiven me a million times

I saw the sweat and blood run down His face again

He could barely breathe, but said, "Father, forgive them.  I've got...




So if this mother

And this Savior

Can still show mercy after all they've been through

Then surely I

Have no reason why

I can't trade my petty grudges for a love that's true

God help me make...



©Shy Card Music (ASCAP)