Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Nick and Anne Marie Cardilino


Why are you off again in such a rush?

Lately you don't hang around here all that much

It's been months now that you've had a busy week

All I get when you leave is a peck on the cheek


Kiss me like you mean it

Hold on to this love like nothing can come between it

If you've been showing me, I haven't seen it

Kiss me like you mean it


The way you've been acting has me thinking something's wrong

You haven't said you love me in, oh, so long

Little signs of affection: a note, a hug, a touch

Just a little attention, am I asking too much?




They say that in the course of love, feelings come and go

But if you don't feel the force of love, I don't want to know, just…




©Shy Card Music (ASCAP)