God is Always Home

Darin Lake and Nick Cardilino


I know that old feeling when the world is closing in'

You've called all over town, but you can't find a friend

That's a lonely situation when you really need to talk

Well I know someone who will answer when you call


God is always home

Any day or night

He'll leave on the lights

God is always home

He really understands

He knew the pain of man 

God knows

And God is always home


Not too long ago I thought I didn't have a prayer

No one seemed to care about the cross I had to bear

My friends were all too busy to lend me an ear

But finally it occurred to me there’s one who’s always here






Knock and the door shall be opened for you, 'cuz...




You know they say that home is where the heart is

The door is open if you really want to start this

He’s givin’ you a special invitation

Any time you need some conversation


©Darin Lake and Shy Card Music (ASCAP)