For You

Nick Cardilino and Vaughn Welches


I understand you need some time.

I'll keep this ring for now.  That's just fine.

When your dad left, you saw your momma cry.

It made you scared.  I think that's why.

But if you could see inside my heart,

You would know how safe you are.


I would do anything

My whole life is what I'll bring

Love is the song I sing

For you

I would pay any price

I wouldn't even think twice

Make any sacrifice

For you

For you


I may not be the richest guy you know

And I'm no hunk; I'm just an average Joe

But what I offer is strong and true

In good times and bad times, I'll laugh and cry with you

And as our tears fall down as one

Love will show what we've become




And if tomorrow, you tell me "no."

I love you so much, I'd even let you go





©Shy Card Music and Vaughn Welches Music (ASCAP)