Nick Cardilino


Esperanza grew up in a hard working family in El Salvador

Her brother spoke out for the poor campesinos and was disappeared in the war

She danced in village streets on the day the peace accords were signed

But ten years later she’s learned the hard way that justice takes such a long time


Esperanza accepts the way things are

And Esperanza believes that help can only come from afar

But Esperanza hopes and prays

That someday things will change

Oh Esperanza


She began to sell firewood and mangoes on street corners when she was just twelve

She would desperately try to sell anything, anything but herself

At sixteen years old she learned a city girl could earn a weekly pay if she’d sew

But the sweatshop bosses treat her like a slave ‘cause they know she has nowhere to go




Way back when the conquistadors

Conquered El Salvador

The priests only taught the people to carry their cross

She was raised with that kind of faith

But she wonders if God still liberates

Like He did back in Egypt with Moses when all hope seemed lost




Esperanza hopes and prays

Hopes’s the only thing that remains

Oh Esperanza, Oh Esperanza


©Shy Card Music (ASCAP)