Dancin' on the Water

Nick Cardilino and Jeff Bloomfield


We'd been all around the Galilee on anything that would float

But nothing could have ever prepared us for that night out on the boat

The winds kicked up, the storm blew in, fear was about to seize us

We looked once, we looked again, but comin' towards us was Jesus.  He was...


            Dancin', dancin' on the water

            Groovin', groovin' on faith

            He said, "Take my hand,

            Then you'll be able to stand!

            You'll be dancin' on the water, groovin' on faith!"


Peter was always the first to speak; he said, "Lord, is that really you?"

Jesus said, "Peter, who else but me could do the things I do?

Come on out, come see for yourself."  So, Peter stepped out on the waves.

Sinking with doubt, he yelled for help, and once again Peter was saved.  Then they were..




So when the waves get rough

And you're starting to drown,

And you can't seem to find dry land,

Hold your breath,

Say a little prayer,

And just reach out your hand.  Then you'll be...




©Shy Card Music (ASCAP) and Bloom Moon Music (ASCAP)