(Since I'm in) Cincinnati

Nick Cardilino and Jeff Bloomfield


When I came home from work, I did my normal routine

I looked through my mail as I checked the machine

When I heard her voice, I had to sit down

She said, “Hey, it’s me.  I’m back in town, and


            Since I’m (you’re) in Cincinnati

I’d really like to see you again

Maybe we could get caught up

Maybe we could talk about the way we were back then.

Since I’m (you’re) in Cincinnati


Seems like a lifetime since she left for that job in Seattle

Her decision was tough, but her career won the battle

Now I'm wondering if her feelings have changed

So I've called her at her hotel room to say,




We didn’t talk long, but I made her laugh.

Tonight she'll meet me at our favorite cafe.

Now I've pulled out the box of our old photographs,

And played the message one more time to hear her say,




©Shy Card Music and Bloom Moon Music (ASCAP)