Hearing Voices


Nurses footsteps in the hallway

Life support runs through my veins

Angels hover while loved ones whisper,

“Soon you'll be back home again.”


Hearing voices

Sweetly singing soft and low

Hearing voices

Angels from heaven and angels from the life I've known

I'm hearing voices, saying, “Come on home”


The priest anoints me. And I hear crying.

She says, “Father, I don't know what I'd do.

God, don't take him; I'm not ready.

I need a miracle straight from you!”




I am beckoned by a bright light, called by its warm glow,

But a voice inside my heart says, “Now is not your time to go.”




            I'm hearing voices, and I must answer,

            “I'm coming home.”


© Nick Cardilino, Joy Davis, Jacque Morgan, Stefanie Welches, Vaughn Welches