Leap for Joy

Nick Cardilino and David C. Smith


John wasn’t even born when he first announced

The coming of the Lord

When Mary’s voice reached his mother’s ears,

He became the first to adore

He couldn’t hold back anymore


Leap for joy, dance and cheer,

The long-awaited child Christ is here

He’s come to us as a baby boy

Leap for joy


The Magi were led by a star from the east

To worship the new born king

In Bethlehem, they found the One

Who would take away death’s sting

And they joined the angels rejoicing. . .


Repeat Chorus 1


Leap for joy, bring your gifts

Let the star lead you to this

Love has come, make some noise

Leap for joy


No matter what we’re facing

No matter if life gets tough

We have a reason to leap for joy

God has become one of us


Repeat both choruses


Leap for Joy to the World

The Lord is Come

Let earth receive her king

Leap for joy...


©2010 David C. Smith and Shy Card Music (ASCAP)