Unplug the Christmas Machine

Nick Cardilino


I gave in and turned evil

In the race with the people

Shopping Black Friday sales at 4 am

But by the first week of January

I know my kids will barely

Look at the toys I snagged for them

God rest me so I can be

A merry gentleman once again


Ho! Ho! Hold me back, Lord, from my yuletide extremes

Fa la,la,la,lost in this blizzard routine

O Come, O Come and jingle me back to what this season really means

And help me unplug the Christmas machine


Iíve sent 8 pages of cheer

That tell what weíve done all year

To folks who canít even recall my kidsí names

Sometimes I wonder if itís worth

The cost so miles above the earth

Some astronauts can see my light display

My white Christmas will turn to blue

When my maxed-out credit cards come due




Unplug the off-key carolling from wassailing and egg nog round the tree

Unplug the long-line waiting, fruitcake baking, staying up past 3

Iíve tried to blame my family, the media, society,

But probably, itís just me.




©2010 Nick Cardilino Music (ASCAP)