The Birthday of Love

Vaughn Welches and Nick Cardilino


Flickering candles, unopened gifts

A room full of friends who would never miss this

A festive occasion fit for a king

Everyone knows the reason we sing


It’s the birthday of love that brings us together

The birthday of love we’ll celebrate forever

We gather each Christmas

‘Cause the Child is still with us

You’re invited to the birthday of love


“Silent Night” played on guitar and a flute

A tender voice reads from the Gospel of Luke

Of shepherds and angels and a Bethlehem birth

Unwrapping a presence of peace on earth


Repeat chorus


The people in darkness have seen a great light

The Word become flesh is with us tonight


Repeat chorus with last line:

Welcome to the birthday of love


© Vaughn Welches & Shy Card Music (ASCAP)