According to Your Word


1.†††††††† According to your word,

Your grace is with me

And Iím your favored one

According to your word,

I will conceive

And bear your Son


Chorus: Mighty God, Holy One

Though I canít grasp all Iíve seen and heard,

I am your servant

††††††††††† So, let it be done

††††††††††† According to your word


2.†††††††† According to the word,

That came in a dream

For me to hear it

Though it seems absurd

This child is conceived

By the Holy Spirit




Bridge:To fulfill your prophecy

Of the One whoíll set us free

All of history waits for me

††††††††††† O Lord, how can this be?

††††††††††† According to your word


Chorus: †††††††††††††††


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