Nick on the Commons"Glory" on The Commons (part of OCP) has published another Nick Cardilino song, "Glory," and has posted an interview and performance of the song on "The Commons" on their website. Written originally as an uptempo Christmas song for Nick's Birthday of Love CD, the lyrics were re-written as an Easter song at the publisher's request.

After recording The Commons video, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sarah Hart produced a new recording of it, making a few great musical changes! The video contains the original version, but the sheet music you can buy is the fantastic rewrite.  Hopefully the .mp3 of the new recording will be up on the website soon.

If you want to use the song in your church at both Easter and Christmas, fear not, for spiritandsong included the original Christmas lyrics on the sheet music!

Rocking Romans 2012 cover art

Rocking Romans again!

Nick has a third song on an annual Rocking Romans compilation CD. "Hungry and Thirsty," produced by the amazing David C. Smith, was selected to be on this year's compilation. This year, it's technically not a CD, as it will only be available through digital download, and iTunes is delayed in getting it up there.  If you can't wait, you can still find it on the NCYC 2011 compilation CD Called to Glory!